Taylor Wimpey – Coronation Square, London

– Coronation Square, Leyton

Located in the thriving and modern Coronation Square of London, this two bedroom show apartment was designed to appeal to a variety of home owners but in particular first time buyers and professionals looking for a balanced city lifetsyle. 

Using a soft muted colour palette with an introduction of cool blue tones throughout, evokes feelings of tranquility and relaxation. We incorporated a strong influence for sustainable and eco friendly materials using wooden paneling and natural finishes, which not only adds texture throughout the apartment but also ensures the space feels warm and inviting. This was further enhanced  with earthy notes of burnt orange in the soft furnishings.

The main bedroom needed to exude luxury, and something you would want to come home and sink into. The tall, velvet headboard with statement surround, introduces gorgeous fabrics and allows the buyer to create their very own boutique hotel interior at home.

For the second bedroom we took inspiration from the potential buyers in the area and the need for a working from home environment, whilst ensuring the natural tones used throughout the home were still evident. The main feature of the bedroom is the striking geometric wall paneling which can give any room more depth and a modern twist.

Taylor Wimpey

Leyton, London