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Maximalist Design

It's taken awhile, but its completely arrived in 2021!

by Clayton & Company

Back in 2016 Vinterioruk wrote “Will 2017 be the year of the Maximalist?  Will the tidal wave of the mid—century trend and Nordic sensibility finally give way to an avalanche of colour, texture and more, more and more.”

Like all other big trends its filtered through slowly and now its huge – celebrated by big influencers like Sophie Robinson who showcased her own “bolthole” in Brighton in a blog last month and Alex Crabtree over on her Instagram feed @alexcrabtreepr whose own sitting room below is a temple to Maximalist style.

This style of design takes courage and is not as easy as it looks.  The layering of colour, textures and opposing patterns; botanical, geometric and animal print for instance, requires huge skill and a real talent for composition.  Its dramatic, daring and requires very careful placement – too much and it can look affected and not properly curated it will look messy and just wrong. We used elements of the trend in this show home interior for Morris Homes last year. Large botanical patterns, stripes, hot colours and loads of texture.

There has been an explosion of bold design and colour in textiles, wallcoverings and furniture in the past couple of years and especially in 2020.  With so little outside stimulation in our pandemic lives there is a huge need to surround ourselves with what makes us happy.  It is very much a sign of our times that there is so much diversity in interior design trends, for example the other big trend right now is Japandi (Japanese/Scandi) which is pretty much the opposite of Maximalist with its neutral tones and clean lines. 

We at Clayton and Company revel in all the trends and we are fortunate that our clients, especially the property developers and housebuilders who trust us to create show home interior designs that sell their properties, have the vision to allow us creative freedom.  They know we do extensive research on their target market, the location of the development and the style/functionality of the building which is why they keep coming back to us.

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