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The Perfect Bedroom

Practical interior design ideas to create a haven

by Pierre Nel

Our bedroom is our ultimate escape from the rest of the world.  Whatever the size of the room it must be tranquil and comfortable to ensure a proper nights’ sleep as well as a space to relax and revive.

There are many ways to create the perfect bedroom interior design without spending huge amounts of money – most importantly it should be an ordered, tidy and uncluttered environment which will immediately make you fell calmer and more relaxed.


Plan the room carefully making sure you have plenty of storage space for clothes, shoes, laundry, etc., out of sight.  Apart from wardrobes and chests of drawers there are many clever storage ideas available - use ottomans/blanket boxes and bed bases as additional storage for linen, towels, etc.  Also, make sure there is enough room around the furniture to move comfortably. 


We spend over a third of our lives in bed, so choose your mattress carefully.  Nowadays many companies offer free trial periods, but ideally try mattresses out before you buy and invest in a good divan base with storage.  Headboards are a key element in bedroom design and there are so many custom-made and ready-made options available – they make sitting up in bed more comfortable and they give a room luxury boutique hotel feel. 

Colour Schemes and Fabrics

Using shades of blues and greens have been shown to lower one’s blood pressure and provide the calming affects of nature.  These can be teamed beautifully with pinks and corals which is very on trend.  We love the current vogue for botanical and nature inspired wallpaper, textiles and artwork, which work perfectly in a bedroom combined with full-length curtains (with blackout linings) and a plush upholstered headboard with a velvety textured fabric. Quality, natural fibre bed linen helps to keep your temperature regular when you sleep.  

Other Top Tips to Make your Bedroom a Sanctuary

  • Have good adjustable lighting including overhead lighting and lamps about the room and good wall mounted or table lamps beside the bed for reading.
  • Keep your surfaces tidy.
  • Put clothes and shoes away each day.
  • Have a stylish full-length mirror.
  • Use natural essential oils for fragrance.
  • Make sure the room is well ventilated.

We would be delighted to design your dream bedroom for you.


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