How we do it

Personalised one-to-one service

from start to finish

The way we work is much the same across the wide variety of interior design services that we provide. We differ from most other interior businesses. Smaller businesses work one-to-one with their client, but do not have access to the wide range of in-house skills, suppliers and specialists that we have. Larger businesses treat design as a process, breaking up each element into separate departments.

We offer the best of both worlds:

  • Personal one-to-one service from start to finish
  • Design skills as well as a practical resource
  • A large pool of shared expertise
  • Access to an unrivalled supplier base

Creative and Collaborative

Of course, we have to be good at what we do, or we wouldn’t still be here, but it feels good to be part of the Clayton business family and we strive to ensure that our working environment is friendly and fun. Many of our staff have been with us since the start of their careers and love being part of a close-knit team. It’s clear that family is at the heart of everything we do, and it’s why our clients enjoy working with us.

First Encounter

It costs nothing to talk over your project with us. The first step is for us to have an open conversation with you about the project, your expectations, requirements and budgets. We’ll then carry out our own in-depth research and begin creating design schemes to present to you.

You will not be committed to anything until you feel confident to entrust us with your work.

Design to Delivery

Our designers/project managers have all the skills to go beyond the design stage and see your project all the way through to completion. Your designer will be your point of contact throughout, backed by the company’s business development team and its other specialists.

Your designer will start by discussing your project details with you in detail, before assembling your ideas with theirs to present design proposals to you, with mood boards, costings and digital imagery.

The same designer will then manage all the detail of implementing the designs and supervise the installation on site.

The designers take pride in their work since they carry full responsibility and accountability for it throughout. Returning customers will often ask that they work with the same designer again.

Clients will often need to change details as their project progresses. Where there are cost implications, these will always be discussed and agreed in advance, so there are no nasty surprises.

Practical Aspects

We’re all about efficiency and practicality. Unlike many of our competitors, the Clayton and Company family occupies an office and warehouse building of 50,000 square feet – enough space for our designers, stylists, fitters, framers and furnishers, with plenty of room for warehousing too.

That means that we can manage your work ourselves, efficiently and without the need to go outside (literally). This helps us deliver on time and control our costs.