Taylor Wimpey Marketing Suite – Coronation Square, London

– Coronation Square, Leyton

The main focus when creating this marketing suite, was to design a space that allowed the Taylor Wimpey team to carry out their day-to-day work, but more importantly, be as welcoming as possible to any prospective buyers without being too imposing.

Given the size of the space, we focused on breaking it down into more intimate areas and continue the same eco friendly design of the main apartment. Across all aspects of the desks, wall paneling and finishing touches with lots of planting, there is a real sense of bringing the outside influences of the local area inside.

The most striking feature we have designed for the suite is the wooden ‘gazebo’ surrounding the soft seating.  Whilst emphasizing the tall ceilings of the room, it also leans to the thriving, creative surroundings of the Coronation Square area, with its leafy gardens, relaxed café’s and modern living.

Taylor Wimpey

Leyton, London

Marketing Suites